,,We make love certain way'' from the series Unexpected Encounters, 145x125cm, 2023, patchwork, beeswax, inks, pigments, crochet doilies, dyes.

We get what we give, proposing an exhibition type beyond the dominant exhibition structure. Troubled by the era of change we live in, Callirrhoë and her contributors, reflect upon the current socio-political transformations, while trying to find the answer to the crucial question: how can we maintain our sustainability? Within the span of two months, the invited artists will contribute to the open dialogue, to build up, to resolve and reassemble. Shaping an open-ended and indeterminate exhibition structure, an environment of awkward and intimate exhibition-making. The artists will be revealed within time and along these lines an exhibition in progress is being born.  

With works by Despina Charitonidi, Manolis Daskalakis Lemos, Nicole Economides, Dimitris Efeoglou, Orestis Giannoulis, Agata Ingarden, Sofia Kouloukouri, Bety Krňanská, Esmeralda Momferattou, Aggeliki Politi, Spyros Rennt, Yorgos Stamkopoulos and Anna Antonia Yiaxi Savvidou; Gia Liapi in conversation with Olympia Tzortzi

05 October – 24 November 2023 Callirrhoe, Athens/GR