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Too Fluid To Handle (2021)

A series of mixed technique paintings using watercolor and reused bee wax.
The wax acts as a natural barrier between the multiple layers, both seperating them and simoultaneously preserv-ing parts of distinct layers.
Throughout this process, I focus specifically on the selection of matri-als such as recycled bee wax, rattan and handmade dyes shifting my
practice and explorin ideas such as art practice sustainability, environmentalism, as well as their links and effects ongender issues.

Additionally, I use rattan to craft frames and installations of objects along with the paintings. Within this practice the use of water is critical both practically and symbolically. Water, whil washing off and mixing colors on the canvas, also reflects on its role as the most valuable re-source in order
to create natural growth, thus affecting everything mankind ever created and will create in the future.