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Too Hot to Think

(solo exhibition, Citysurfer Gallery, Prague, 2022)

The Too Hot to Think (2022) series connects to contemporary environmental discourse and explores the historical contexts and connotations of traditional DIY or manual technologies through the use of rattan, with a focus on maintaining minimal environmental impact. Using recycled materials such as bee-wax, natural dyes, and used metal parts, we get into the process of creating paintings and installations that make visible the current alarming climate situation, but also the still persistent gender issues and inequalities.
This series captures the collision between two contrasting images. Inspired by rampant wildfires, the artworks juxtapose alarming fire visuals with carefree summer scenes found on social media. These paintings symbolize the blurring of urgent news with casual online content, reflecting how we absorb diverse, often conflicting visual narratives in the digital age.

Paintings combines sublimation dyes picturing parts of the female body, rust dyes, dyes, natural pigments, beeswax, patchwork with a rattan straw installation. The beeswax function as a natural barrier between inks, captures, separate and create multilayer surface.