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Bety Krnanska

is an artist who brings contemporary and traditional materials together, experimenting with old crafting techniques and using them within new contexts. In her artworks, many concealed meanings can be unveiled. They are crafted in a way that encourages the viewer to discover a new sense upon repeated observation. The central themes she delves into encompass gender-related matters, environmental concerns, and the influence of technology on our society.

Her artistic technique is diverse, and severa distinct approaches can be identified. Her work employs pictorial motifs, ornamental symbols, and    a wide selection of materials, towards an artistic process with emphasis on spontaneous gestural expression. A distinct fusion of natural and artificial materials is achieved through the application of traditional textile techniques like patchwork, crocheting, marbling, sublimation, and batik. Additionally, she integrates these materials with photographs she captures during her daily observations or discovers within online databases.

She graduated at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. In 2019, she was named a finalist for the Czech Art Critique Prize for Young Painters. Her artworks have been showcased in various domestic and international exhibitions, including "Effimisms" at MISC Gallery in Athens, Greece, and "A Scattering of Salts" at the American Colleg of Greece. Furthermore, her work was prominently featured in the exhibition "The WORLDS" as part of the Drawing Triennale in Wroclaw, Poland, curated by Honza Zamojski.