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Unexpected Encounters (2023)

Exhibition “Unexpected Encountersexamines” (2023) the ways in which imagery shapes our perception and understanding
of gender issues and visual culture, fusing found online images and material with abstract painting techniques.

Although modern technology is commonly thought as tool to challenge and disrupt traditional power patterns, it has been maintaining and perpetuating the ideas of masculine culture. The work, through a series of mixed-media paintings, explores female representation by fragmenting, obscuring and stitching back together images of female models posing as trophies alongside symbols of technology, male power, and wealth. Through combining various media and experimental approaches, the project displays the possibilities, tensions, and repercussions of our modern visual environment. 
The selection of materials itself hints towards the complexities of traditional human labor and its gender specific connotations. Handmade crochets frame or disrupt digitally zoomed imagery juxtaposed with metal hoods and fast cars
as symbols of masculinity and success, while natural bee-wax ironed on the canvas produces arbitrary effects of transparency or opaqueness. Through these techniques, textures, colors and styles, the work invites the viewers to delve into their memories, misconceptions and imagination and to explore the mysteries hidden within its layers.